Voxis sugarfree with liquorice x2

Voxis – Natural herbal lozenges for cough and sore throat
Voxis lozenges are simply great! The taste is excellent and they clear the throat  really well. We at SagaMedica know personally how well they can stop a cough. Voxis are produced from the leaves of Icelandic Arctic Angelica . They contain antiviral phytochemicals.
Great against sore throat
Contain antiviral compounds
Soothing and pleasant effect on throat, pharynx and vocal cords
Voxis is hugely popular in Iceland and is now catching on worldwide through the internet. Many tourists who have visited Iceland and tried Voxis later return to our online store to get more.
Voxis is now also available on amazon.com
You can choose from 4 types of Voxis
  • Voxis Original
  • Voxis Sugarfree
  • Voxis /Ginger & Sugarfree
  • Voxis sugarefree with liquorice
Voxis lozenges for hayfever – not only for a sore throat
We have also had positive remarks on Voxis from many allergy sufferers who have breathing problems in summer due to hayfever. Try it out, they taste great.
What about the name?
The name “Voxis” is comprised of “Vox”, the Latin word for “voice” and “is”, which is the country code for Iceland – “Voice of Iceland”.

Voxis sugarfree with liquorice x2

800 kr.

Voxis sugarfree liquorice


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