Voxis Tincture

Voxis cough mixtures are herbal supplements made from leaves of Angelica archenglica.
It contains anxiety reducing herbal compounds, as well as antiviral compounds. Great in fall and winter.
Voxis mixtures taste excellent and you can choose from mixtures with ginger or salmiak taste.
  • Great against sore and dry throat
  • Cough suppressant
  • May contain antiviral compounds

Voxis Mixture with Angelica and ginger: Water, sugar, ginger, ethanol, angelica leaf extract 30 mg daily use, flavoring.

Voxis Mixture with Angelica and salmiak: Water, sugar, salmiak, ethanol, angeilca leaf extract 30 mg daily use, flavoring.

Voxis Tincture

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Tincture with liquorice

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Tinture with angelica & ginger

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