Research Projects

Proud of our crucial new technology and the exciting results we have achieved to date, KeyNatura continues to take a leading role in a number of research and innovation projects, often in collaboration with universities and other technology pioneers. Our aim in this context is two fold:

To reduce the environmental footprint in cultivating and extracting the essence of “Haematococcus pluvialis” (astaxanthin and omega 3), for the benefit of our customers.
To explore in greater detail the health benefits of astaxanthin for preventive health care; with a view to reducing the need for synthetic drugs and improving the availability of more natural, preventive treatments.
Research projects to date include:

Sustain-ALGae – Sustainable integrated microalgae culturing system
European Union funded (phase I, horizon 2020)
Novel design of a photo bioreactor, with special emphasis on production of astaxanthin from Haematococcus pluvialis Technological Fund Iceland (project #152974-0611, second year)
Energy Startup, Reykjavík (commenced 2015, now completed)
Extraction of Astaxanthin Technological Fund Iceland (project #142688-0611, completed)
Bioactivity of Astaxanthin Icelandic Student Innovation Fund (Sept 2015, completed)
Novel use of geothermal gases for algae culturing (completed)
Culturing microalgae Icelandic Student Innovation Fund (completed Sept 2016 and nominated for a Presidential Award)

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