Sustainable Development

KeyNatura’s production processes are equally innovative and sustainable. We harness Iceland’s geothermal energy and hydroelectric power, as well as its pristine air and water, for cleaner, more efficient production. We help to combat climate change by breaking down carbon dioxide, and our only waste product is oxygen.

Microalgae are an under-utilized source of nutrients, proteins, lipids and fibers coming from the bottom of the food chain. These water-inhabiting organisms are vital for life on earth, producing around half of the oxygen in the atmosphere and helping to break down carbon dioxide. Apart from CO2, microalgae need only light, micronutrients and water to grow.

Advances in biotechnology, nanotechnology and engineering (chemical and mechanical) have transformed the production environment for microalgae. In the future, they will become a substitute foodstuff for less sustainable resources such as fish and meat. And, whilst they may not yet be the answer to all the challenges of achieving sustainable food, water and biofuels, these tiny plants are poised to provide some highly innovative and high-value solutions.

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